TILLY ELECTRONICS ‘Forgive Us Our Synths!’  + Machine Rox + SHH & Flesh Tetris
16th June 2023 - 7:00 pm
The Grace

PRESS RELEASE: This ‘Forgive us our Synths’ Special featuring the amazing TILLY ELECTRONICS from Leipzig, who’s live show has to be seen to be believed, their hi energy performance is sure to have everyone up and dancing to their frenetic beats!

Formed by RICHARD K (SILVERMAN), MACHINE ROX has sculpted a merger of Electro Industrial, EBM, Metal and Rock. Singer/Songwriter Ariel Undine a.k.a. STARDUST SIREN joined the band in 2017, Bringing to the band, Ethereal, Otherworldly Soulful Siren vocals, and Electric Stage presence and powerhouse lead vocals.
London’s weirdo kinky sci-fi pop monsters FLESH TETRIS (featuring The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing’s Andy Heintz and Jez Miller) are Pop music for unpopular people. Retro SciFi Eurotrash armed to the teeth with barbed pop hooks and weaponised synths. With their inimitable mix of the best bits of electronica, indie rock, post-punk, disco and new wave they have created a movement all of their own. From their hugely buzzy 2018 single ‘Rabbits’ to the band’s 2022 earworm Slimy Garnish, Flesh Tetris are emerging as one of the coolest bands on the planet. Fun, decidedly colourful and as catchy as a nail on a pair of fishnets, this quintet are earning a reputation as one of the UK’s most dynamic live acts.

SHH think pop should be catchy, sexy, glamorous and exciting. It should also be intelligent, adult and sophisticated. And, at times, it must also be dark, moody, and outspoken. SHH, like a Goldfrapp with an injection of The Cure, or the Pet Shop Boys left to Peaches’ devices,manage it all. Onstage, singer Diana is a collision between Karen O and Iggy Pop. An ultra-magnetic performer, Diana will take you through the realms of decadent disco, easy and blissed-out synth pop and gothic reveries to stomping techno beats!

Dj CAVEY NIK (Dead ‘m’ Buried) will be supplying the tunes between the bands and for those that have the stamina are most welcome to stay for the awesome Aftershow Party which is a DEPECHE MODE WARM UP PARTY with Dj’s FRANKIE D (Club Stigmata) MARK HEX and TILLY ELECTRONICS (Dj Set)


The Grace 20-22 Highbury Cor
London N5 1RD