NEW BLOOD UK TOUR 2023 with The Devil and the Universe + Dead Lights & Vanilla Sugar
1st December 2023 - 6:30 pm
Age Restrictions: 18+


Two cards selected from the 78-piece tarot card-set as utilised by the most famous occultist of the 20th century Aleister Crowley, were behind the first step. ”The Devil” and “The Universe” were the cards pulled that would prophesize a name for a musical-magical-transcendental composition & transformation project: THE DEVIL & THE UNIVERSE. The three goat masked musicians set out to create an eclectic blend of styles, sounds and atmospheres. Tribal drums meet 80’s electronica, industrial beats merge with middle eastern percussions, soundtrack like atmospheres conjure up dreams of a future that never was. A dance ritual for a future past. An exercise in trance for a past yet to come. Thus far they have released 6 albums and numerous Eps and singles.


Glamgoth? Cyberelectro? Industrial Dance? DEAD LIGHTS presents all of these and more as they mould modern EBM into catchy songs with surgical precision. Bass-heavy, buzzing magnetism with pummeling, yet groovy, mechanical rhythms, delivered with an ’80s UK synth-pop flair and an urgency that is tangible.
Founded in 2020, the international duo (UK and NL) immediately found themselves separated by the sea and a pandemic. Connected through a lust for dark electronic dance music, Saul and Richard still managed to make an impact with their output. Two years later they were finally able to meet in person and present their songs on stage. After their live premiere at Wave Gotik Treffen in 2022, they toured in Germany, the UK (with Zanias), and early 2023 they supported Front Line Assembly on 10 shows (EU), followed by several festival gigs in Europe.DEAD LIGHTS will release their new album ‘Glitterspit’ (Digi/CD/2LP on DarkTunes Music Group) on 13 October.





LA based Vanilla Sugar pushes the envelope of unprecedented sound. Her eclectic style blends melodic and growl vocals, synthesizer, guitars, heavy beats and savage drops.
Vanilla Sugar is an experience that is both refreshingly unexpected and addictive.


Aatma 1st Floor
14-16 Faraday St
Manchester M1 1BE