AND ALSO THE TREES + Special Guests In The Nursery
20th September 2024 - 7:00 pm
229 London


Flag Promotions present an exclusive UK show from these two legendary UK cult bands. Worcestershire based And Also The Trees have just released a new album ‘Mother Of Pearl Moon’ and will be playing tracks from that plus a a selection of their best loved tracks past and present, an And Also The Trees show is always a special occasion, evocative and strangely emotional, they are joined by the supremely enigmatic identical twins that form ‘In The Nursery’ who likewise deliver stunning live and atmospheric performances, as London shows are few and far between this will also prove a rare treat from the Sheffield based Humberstone brothers.

AND ALSO THE TREES – short biography: And Also The Trees formed during the ‘Post-Punk’ era in Worcestershire, England. They are known for their captivating live performances, their unique style of mandolin like electric guitar, evocative lyrics, dark jazz rhythms and their carefully preserved independence. They have released 14 studio albums taking inspiration from their unusual, rural origins and their travels as a touring band in Europe, the USA and Japan. ‘Mother-of-pearl Moon’ the new ‘And Also The Trees’ album, is a powerful work that started life as a series of extraordinary guitar improvisations. A voice, a clarinet, a piano, percussion, autoharp and Moog were added and the listener is taken on a voyage from the depths of the English countryside, far out in all directions of the compass.The album will be released in February 2024 and toured throughout the following year.

In The Nursery is the Sheffield-based group centred around the nucleus of identical twin brothers Klive and Nigel Humberstone. Formed in 1981, their career has been a quest to progress and experiment while remaining true to their original vision. Their sublime, cinematic music blends electronica, classical arrangements, orchestral percussion and soundscapes that evoke a timeless quality.

ITN have released over 25 albums since 1981 that have consolidated their distinctive sound but also taken on board contemporary influences. Their music has been used on numerous film soundtracks and trailers that include Game of Thrones and Gran Torino.
Since 1996, and parallel to their studio works, ITN have developed their Optical Music Series, new scores for classic silent films. The series to date includes The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, Asphalt, Man with a Movie Camera, Hindle Wakes, A Page of Madness, The Passion of Joan of Arc, The Fall of the House of Usher and their latest The Seashell & the Clergyman. ITN have performed their scores live at film festivals around the world.
The band’s last studio album ‘HUMBERSTONE’ celebrated their 40th anniversary in 2021.
New projects for 2024 include soundtracking their self-financed short film ‘Abandoned Feedback’.


229 London 229 Great Portland St
London W1W 5PN